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Time she still flies

Already 10 days into the new year and here is my first entry. I will have to do better than that, but it seems I can't get much done at all on my todo list. I have been giving lots of thought to my upcoming road trip to West Texas. Hopefully, I'll have link to my trips page soon. Yesterday I became excited about a possible "Spanish Immersion School" trip to Central America, most probably Guatemala. The more I think about, the more I am convinced that retiring South of the border ( U.S Border that is ) is the best thing to do. In countries like Guatemala I'll be able to live quite "high on the hog", for what should be a significantly less amount than here in the good old US of A. But as we tend to complain about immigrants here who won't learn the language, I hope to avoid hypocrisy on this by becoming at least able to communicate in a rudimentary fashion in the Spanish language.