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I am thankful

I will readily admit that I have not and do not give thanks often enough for the good things in my life. While I never want to be thankful in the manner of those countless rote blessings I heard at the table before each meal as a child, I believe I should give thanks more often than on this annual holiday. Oh well, perhaps that will be a good resolution for the forthcoming new year. I am thankful for: Reasonably good health Respectful friends, especially one budding new friend Knowing that within me the embers of affection and passion continue to glow, patiently awaiting the chance to burn brightly again A caring family Life's lessons that have been bestowed upon me throughout the years A job that allows me to prepare for a secure retirement

Evening Star

I rarely take the opportunity to ponder things anymore, I suppose I feel too busy or too tired to think about them. It is a shortcoming I hope to overcome. Tonight I had such an opportunity while waiting to meet a new friend. Sitting in my truck as I listened to A Prarie Home Companion on NPR I noticed a bright star in the western sky. Immediately l scanned the sky to see if it was indeed the first visible star and found no other star save it. I tried yet failed to remember when last I had wished upon this star. I only briefly wondered what I might wish for before I began to try and remember what this star was called. I believe it was actually not a star at all but the planet Venus and called the Evening Star, which I confirmed later at The Evening and Morning star . I continued to watch this star as I moved to the front of the restaurant to meet my friend to who I asked, “What do they call that star?”. She replied, “The Wishing Star” and recited that old faithful nursery rhyme, St