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Saturday Ramblings

My plans for the day unraveled early on as I had to wait to see if my services would be needed to evaluate the removal of a piece of rack mounted hardware in a computer room downtown. Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately ( quien-sabe ) I was not needed, so I spent most of the day configuring a new computer I was given as compensation for some of my work for the law firm downtown. I had to buy RAM for the system, but other than that it was fully loaded with Windows XP Professional and the 2003 version of the Microsoft Office suite. It has several other titles that may prove interesting in the long run. As soon as my PVR provider releases their software version next month hopefully this will become my home brew PVR since I can't EVER seem to find time to configure myth. In the evening I watch "Raging Bull". For all the accolades, I found this to be one of the poorest movies I have ever watched. Probably due to the content more than anything, as I sure it was finely filmed

Another new record

Hopefully I won't be able to set many more record bicycle riding temperature days. It was 114 today when I arrived home, but I was much less affected as I found a way to cut thru the Sun Lakes Phase III Subdivision ...shhhhh...don't tell them.

A new record

I set a new record today. When I arrived home from work on my bicycle today the temperature was 112. My previous high temp ride home record was 111 set a week or two or three ago. The cabbage was a good compliment to the left over bratwurst and I can say that tonight's dinner was an enjoyable repast.

Via Payson

Our return trip from the White Mountains took us through Payson, AZ today. Much of the forest between Payson and Show Low, AZ still showed significant damage from earlier forest fires. I would guess the damage dated from the summer of 2005, but it could have been farther in the past I suppose. Payson was a very pleasing town to visit briefly. The temperature while warmer than the Pinetop/Show Low area, was still moderate and pleasant.

First Hike

Today I took my first real hike. I hiked the 3.5 mile Conuntry Club Trail in the White Mountains of Arizona. The trail was nice and although I am still quite out of shape, I was able to easily complete it. I did however manage a blister between my toes, which is a first for me.

To the mountains

I am continually amazed by the diverse environment in my new state, Arizona. After a long week on call, I decided on a lark to see if I could find lodging in the White Mountains . A recent episode of Arizona Highways had highlighted this area and it really looked interesting, especially the part about being an average of 20 degrees cooler than the Phoenix area. I was quite surprised to find lodging at a Holiday Inn Express in Show Low, AZ. The drive to Show Low via Globe was very scenic, but a bit nerve wracking a few times as I was driving an Explorer which feels like it will turn over on the most gradual of curves. The accommodations were very nice, with free wireless internet, and we were even able to have dinner at Charlie Clark's Steak House the restaurant featured in the Arizona Highways episode. The restaurant was nothing to write home about, but the service was good and food average. All in all it was a great trip and I expect to return again soon.