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Weathering the Storm

I have been teasing my wife the past 24 hours, calling her a "hurricane magnet". As I ponder my past though, I seem to be the "her-i-cane" magnet, while she is really a "him-i-cane" magnet. Although I barely remember it, I do remember my family evacuating Lumbertin, TX, to avoid the worst of hurricane Carla in 1961. The eye of hurricane Alicia passed right over my home in the Houston, TX suburbs in 1983. Before leaving the Houston metropolitan area I also experienced a Harvey like storm in 1995 named Allison , by the time it arrived in the Houston area it was more of a tropical storm that lingered and caused significant flooding. With the exception of several significant typhoons, whose names I either never knew, or more probably have forgotten, while on a U.S. Navy destroyer in the South Pacific during the early 1970's, the storms I mentioned were all before moving to the Phoenix metropolitan area, where aside from 120 degree summers and a few Ha
When first migrating to version 7 of CentOS I failed to understand the working of the new default firewalld product and kept with iptables/ufw. I am finally embracing the new methodology, and found an exellent article Understanding Firewalld in Multi-Zone Configurations . I hope this note helps you if you seek knowledge.