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Silent no more

Today I emailed both my Arizona senators. Below is what I said to each: Please vote NO, to the immigration reform bill now being considered in the Senate. This bill is a bill for Corporate America, by Corporate America, and of Corporate America. Laws exist today that if enforced would secure out borders. Regardless of what you may think the silent majority is about to loudly proclaim their disgust with the selling out, our representation continues to do for special interests and especially Corporate America. We the people may not possess the funds, but hear this, we do possess the vote. I will use my vote against anyone who votes in the congress for such blatantly flawed legislation such as the immigration reform bill. In addition to my vote I will attempt to influence all who will listen to follow my lead and seek representation by the people, for the people and of the people. Respectfully, <Quien Sabe>

I learned a new word -- misanthropic

I am 74% Misanthropic Here's the truth: Most people suck. I am just lucky enough to know it. I am not ready to go live alone in a cave - but I am getting there. How Misanthropic Are You? I picked that tidbit up while reading the blog of another local motorcycle rider at AZ Rider For more about Misanthropic .

Exercise Journal

I have really been struggling for sometime to improve my physical condition. I read lots of articles, mostly from my tip subscription at Bally Fitness and several subscriptions at WebMD . A tip from one of today's WebMD subscriptions was to keep an exercise journal. What better reason to visit here more often, I ask. So hopefully my exercise journal will be appended ( or more likely be the a complete record ) for that day. Exercise Journal for today: 3 sets of 10 deep knee bends

Time she still flies

Already 10 days into the new year and here is my first entry. I will have to do better than that, but it seems I can't get much done at all on my todo list. I have been giving lots of thought to my upcoming road trip to West Texas. Hopefully, I'll have link to my trips page soon. Yesterday I became excited about a possible "Spanish Immersion School" trip to Central America, most probably Guatemala. The more I think about, the more I am convinced that retiring South of the border ( U.S Border that is ) is the best thing to do. In countries like Guatemala I'll be able to live quite "high on the hog", for what should be a significantly less amount than here in the good old US of A. But as we tend to complain about immigrants here who won't learn the language, I hope to avoid hypocrisy on this by becoming at least able to communicate in a rudimentary fashion in the Spanish language.