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I has been a different Sunday for me

Quite relaxing actually. It started with a blissful calm and quiet as I leisurely drank my morning cup of coffee. Have I shared with you how much I hate beginning my day rushing, or having some distracting noise like a vacuum cleaner, washer, dryer or leaf blower going during my quiet time?

After I finished coffee, I prepared oatmeal for breakfast. One of several positive aspects to having my Father living with me now is a much improved semi-annual cholesterol test result. I attribute it mostly to the morning oatmeal, but I'm sure the fact that we rarely eat out contributes as well.

After breakfast I headed out on my morning bike ride. I was not yet 8 AM and the temperature here was already rapidly approaching 90 degrees. I keep promising myself I should ride then have coffee, did I mention how much I like my coffee first thing? There were not many people out, but it is always dead here at this time of year. Everyone that can has fled North to a cooler climate.

After my ride, I managed to cool down doing several items on my todo list, then had the energy to vacuum and mop. Have I mentioned how much I hate household chores. I will continue to promise myself to hire a maid.

After lunch my Father and I watched "No Country for Old Men". It was a wonderful movie, but since it didn't have John Wayne in it my Father napped through most of it. I think I must bring that out in people. I hope to meet someone to share movies with someday.

After the movie, I made my first ever batch of cold slaw, without mayonnaise. I think it is pretty good, so if no one else does too frak'n bad. I think for my next culinary adventure I am going to try enchiladas.

Well that pretty much sums up my Sunday. I don't have much energy left for anything else.


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