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High Definition, what is the big deal?

Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Enough said.


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How nice

Two little old ladies in the South were sitting on the porch sipping mint juleps one day. Betty Lou had come to visit Mary Jean for lunch at her beautiful country estate.Mary Jean said to Betty Lou, "Oh Betty Lou, I'm just so pleased with mah adorin husbind - he went and bought us this beaaauuutiful big house with such a wonderful big garden out in the front. Isn't it nice?"Betty Lou said, "Mmmm, that's nice."Mary Jean continued, "And did you see that beauuuuutiful new Cadillac out there in the driveway on your way up to the house? Mah husbind done bought that big shiny car just for me - isn't that nice?"Betty Lou said, "Mmmm, that's nice.""And, and - did you see this beauuuutiful diamond necklace and these matchin goldin earrings mah husbind bought me? Aren't they nice?"Betty Lou said, "Mmmm, that's nice."Then Mary Jean pressed, "Now, all that's enough about me - how've y'all been…


Most of us are seeking something.

I believe that what we seek, is not necessarily what we need, or perhaps even want. While chasing the pot at the end of the rainbow fate is apt to trip you up in the middle of the field with joy instead of riches.

So run free my friends and look closely should you trip, there may be a treasure there for the taking.
Due to the fact that RHEL/CentOS server software lags so far behind, today I converted one of my servers to an Ubuntu server. I almost regret installing from their live server image as opposed to their live workstation image. The basic install went well I thought all text based. But upon first boot I couldn't login. Thankfully google showed me how to boot into init 2, mode and after several tries to the key sequence right to get the grub menu I booted and discovered the admin user i specified was never created. After fixing that, rebooting and logging in as new user with admin, i discovered networking was not configured. After googling manual ubuntu network configure, I discover that bionic uses a new network configuring system called netplan. Anyway, the server is now networked and currently updating all the packages. Hopefully I will have it all up and running before my new ASUS Tinkerboard arrives today.